I Love Them, I Love Me Not

Thursday, March 13, 2014 Posted by Debbie Legg

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A funny thing is happening as I continue to read the Bible—my heart is expanding.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still plenty selfish, self-centered, self-protecting, overly-self-aware, and of-course-it’s-all-about-ME-ish. There just somehow seems to be a bit more room for other people.

Naturally, this means my chances of being hurt are expanding as well. I really don’t like that part.

I especially don’t like it because the more I find myself hurt over something, the more I am realizing that I do The. Exact. Same. Thing. To. Other. People.  

You may begin engraving my name on the Hypocrite of the Year Award.

How dare they? Now I know. How could they? Yep, that too. How can she be so blind to the damage she is causing? God is taking my blinders off a little at a time (I think that’s all my heart can bear).

I am learning, but it’s not a 101 I’m enjoying. There is no spring in my step. Not. Even. Close. Do you see those two long troughs in the dirt? My dug-in heels are making those.

But, I know if I want to become the woman God intends me to be, it has to be done. By me.

But also by God. I can’t change, but He can change me. I can’t grow, but He can grow me. I just have to let Him.

If you hear some whining and crying, don’t worry, it’s just God removing the plank in my eye.

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