Running with Giants

Monday, February 17, 2014 Posted by Sara

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I don't plan on becoming an Olympian, though I have great admiration for these athletes.  
But I have dabbled in some athletic endeavors, that made me FEEL like I was kinda-sorta Olympic-ish.  

I have run two half marathons.  For me, this was an epic fete.  I was never very athletic growing up, generally picked last in P.E.  You know the story.  My journey to train and run was a tale of overcoming.
My training time was connecting time.  To overcome I needed to be connected to my OVERCOMER.

I was not only training my body - I was training my mind.  I used this time to listen to sermons, pray, or memorize scripture - I needed to believe God's truth that I could do anything through Christ who strengthens me - and not listen to the lies that I was still the girl nobody wanted on their team - too slow, too awkward.  

My last race would take me through a place called “The Avenue of the Giants”, which I thought was fitting – like David running to Goliath. I thought of myself running past all the giants – the lies- that have raised themselves against me. So much of this season had been about entering a promised land. I found it befitting, then, that I took to the starting line to the announcement, “Welcome to the 40th Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon.” I was ready for my 40 years in the desert to be over – to enter my land of the giants, and finish the race in victory.
The day was beautiful, and I knew the Lord was cheering me on. I hit the split (half way point) at 1:11, and smiled. Triple ones, they follow me often, speaking of this season of transition. The race is an out and back, so as I turned to head back at the half way point, I thought to myself, I am no longer running away from giants, but with them- because I am one. Not in the Goliath way, but in the I am an oak of righteousness way, planted in the courts of the Lord. Unmovable and strong. Standing on the truth of God's word and His promises towards me.
I crossed the finish line, beating my previous time by 8 minutes, and drifting into joy thanks to my runner’s high.
Sometimes the challenges of walking with Christ are mental ones - and our champion moments really come from setting our minds to TRUTH, and seeing how TRUTH sets us free to walk in overcoming faith with Him.  
Today I think of each of you - the challenges set before each of you in your walks with the Lord and I pray for His beautiful truth to take up residence in your heart and mind in powerful ways.  Christ in YOU is the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27), and in Him you can walk in victory.

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