Ruth's Prophecy

Thursday, January 16, 2014 Posted by Debbie Legg

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I wasn’t sure I had really done it, or even done it correctly.  “Did I really give my whole heart to Jesus?  Do I just think I did but I’m wrong?  How can I know?”

No one knew about these doubts and questions except God and me. 

I was attending a high school girls’ bible study with my friend who had lead me to Jesus a few months before, but this particular morning she wasn’t going.  “They’re having someone come in and do prophecies.  I don’t believe in that," she said.  I decided to go anyway, if only out of curiosity. 

The prophet’s name was Ruth.  She wore her long white hair in a bun, and her little round glasses complemented her wrinkles.  In her polyester skirt and blouse she really was the picture of the sweet little granny.  I will never forget her soft voice and the fact that, though I was introduced to her as Debbie, she called me Debra, my given name.

We all took turns sitting in a wooden chair while she laid her hands on our shoulders.  Then she would close her eyes and begin to speak.

“Thou art my vessel of cheer and service, Debra,” she began.  I thought, “Hmmm.  Cheer and service.  Yeah, I can do that.”  I also made a mental note that Jesus spoke King James English.

About half-way through her prophecy she said what my heart longed to hear but didn't know it would: “For you have loved me with your whole heart.”  My whole heart leapt.  Tears streamed down my face.  It could only be Jesus speaking through Ruth.  There is no other explanation.  

That morning I let go of my doubts and fears and focused on cheer, service, and the “many small tasks you will do for Me, saith Jesus.”  The blessing of that brief encounter has framed my entire Christian life.  I am beyond grateful for the beacon of clarity it has been, and continues to be. 

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