Give Thanks to the King of Story-changing!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Posted by Katie

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I am grateful that His mercies are new every morning. This means my day begins as full of opportunity as the empty document on which I am typing. As the sun rises, my story can take off and go anywhere!

Today does not have to be “Chapter 2” to that which began yesterday or even twenty years ago. Today can always be “Chapter 1”.

Think about the story of the Jesus' arrest, abandonment by his friends, and his ultimate crucifixion. That was a story full of disappointment, fear and defeat.

The story of Good Friday is vastly different from that of the wonder, hope, and victory of  the incredible Resurrection morning. The stories are so different, in fact, one might wonder how they can both be pieces of the same narrative.

I am thankful this week to be reminded of how good God is at surprise endings. He is the King of the transformational turn-around.

No matter what our current story-line is, may we embrace and take comfort in the fact that the next chapter God is writing for us may be so different from the narrative we were expecting that we barely even recognize it as our own.

May our lives unfold into chapters full of wonders beyond our imaginations!

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