Embracing the inBetween

Thursday, September 12, 2013 Posted by Sara

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It was 104 degrees today in Northern California.

I'm trying to savor the last few weeks of summer dresses while longingly eyeing my closet of fall cardigans.

"Soon, I tell them. Soon enough."  

Though the changing of the leaves won't hit my neighborhood for a while, I can't help but find myself musing over the change of the seasons - and how often it seems I want to rush the transition.  A quick look at the weather in the morning has me praying for fall to come all the way to work. I tire of triple digits and dream of gentle breezes.  

But there's something to be said about transitions.  In fact, maybe the story the leaves tell is one of finding beauty in transition.  Without transition, the fall foliage on the east coast, might be a bit of a let down.  

Right now in my life I'm learning more about embracing the moment.  Remaining present.  Cherishing the changing of colors in the midst of transition.  My heart's desire is to be so anchored in Christ, that when transition comes I would truly take on a posture of admiration for God's hand in my life.  I would stand back, as if admiring the changing leaves, and say, "this is beautiful." 

May we seek to see His beauty in every transition.  
"He makes all things beautiful in His time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

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