A Summer With Kings, And Then What?

Thursday, August 22, 2013 Posted by Debbie Legg

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Just yesterday I finished a wonderful book.  I can’t decide, though, is it fiction?  Non-fiction?  Actually, I think it’s both. 

I heard a local radio personality quote from Gene Edwards' A Tale of Three Kings, and since I liked the quote, I bought the book.  It’s an easy read and pretty short (94 pages, not including the discussion questions in the back).  It’s a compelling look at Saul, David and Absalom, each one’s heart revealed by their rule.  It is written for “Christians who have experienced pain, loss, and heartache at the hands of other believers.”  Can you think of anyone that doesn’t cover?  Me, neither.  It would be fantastic for a bible study or small group.  In fact, I may even read it again, or at least scan through my highlights and dog ears, which would take nearly as long. 

I’ve been trying to decide what to read next, and I think I’m going to go with Stasi Eldredge's new release Becoming Myself: embracing God's dream of you.  My other choice, Rick Renner's Dressed to Kill: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare and Armor looks like it will require quite a bit of thought-process (and time, with 464 pages), and Stasi's will be more heart-process (and about half the time).  I need all my thought-process for the writing project that will take me through the end of the year.

The clarity and unexpected peace I feel in figuring this out confirms to me that I am on the right path, that my continually growing excitement to dig back into this project is what God has for me to do after my summer off.  

Thanks, Lord.  You’ve showed up for me today in this realization.  I invite You to continue to show up as my backside hits the chair, my fingers hit the keyboard, and the cursor mocks me with every blink.  Let’s go!  

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