When Rocks Float

Thursday, July 11, 2013 Posted by Sara

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 4 a.m. Long night on a choppy sea.

And suddenly – a ghost.
What is that?
Who is that?

The disciples are terrified.
Probably wet. Probably tired.
And yet, this phantom looks familiar, like someone they know…

Peter’s eyes focus, and he believes it is Jesus.  And when this little living stone (Peter means “rock”) steps out on the command of the Rock of Ages (Jesus), two rocks float on the Sea of Galilee. 

Peter’s eyes falter, he begins to sink, and Jesus grabs him remarking what little faith Peter has.

Little faith, Jesus?  The man just got out of the boat at 4 a.m. believing you weren’t a figment of his imagination. Then he walked on water.  Sheesh.  If that’s little faith, then I got nothin’.

But I imagine that Jesus probably thought Peter was walking in great faith until he took his eyes off of Him. His faith had already manifested a miracle – he was walking on water, and yet, even having seen God’s faithfulness to suspend him atop the water for who knows how many steps – he still fears the stormy water. It was the fear that depleted his faith.

Recently God’s been speaking to me of remembering His faithfulness.  He has already safely carried me through so much – shown Himself strong as the God of impossibility.  Why shrink my faith now, when I’m tired or life is soggy, or it’s so early?  He is faithful to help us walk like He walks – like a rock atop the water.

In my mind I imagine Jesus on the Sea of Galilee that day, brimming with excitement.  He had just spent time with the Lord and the realms of glory were upon Him.  He showed up to the disciples with a “here’s how I do things where I come from.” I wonder if there was a twinkle in His eye that suggested a challenge to the disciples of “who wants to taste a little bit of heaven on earth – a little bit of what you were made for?”

Sometimes all that stands between you and a taste of the Kingdom is a leap of faith. 

Are you ready?

“There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God.”
-1 Sam 2:2

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