I Hate Sand

Monday, July 15, 2013 Posted by Joline

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I am NOT a beach girl.

Unless the beach involves a comfortable chair, umbrella, side table with a refreshing drink, a book, and and uninterrupted hours to read, gaze, and slumber.

I am a lover of consistency and continuity. Something which the beach is NOT. The waves are never the same twice. They never crest at the same height or hit the beach exactly the same way or even in the same location. The sand is not neatly organized by pebble, and is EVERYWHERE. There's no order to any of it.

I hate sand.

And yet . . . I often choose to live on shifting sand.

Often I choose it, even though I hate how it attaches itself to every crevice of my body with the power of Gorilla Glue. And even when I think I've finally removed all evidence of the beach, I find more. In a bag. On a book. On my clothes, hair, even FOOD.

Sand relentlessly stalks its prey in an effort to annoy us.

And while I don't want to to be that gal who builds her house (life) on sinking sand (choices that don't further my relationship with God or others), often, that is what I do by way of poor minute by minute choices in my life - not thinking that where I am placing those small pieces of "lumber", are actually directly on top of a environment that will shift without a moments notice. Lack of foundation destroys my house.

This is what happens when I hear the Word and ignore it.

Funny how a few grains of sand can feel so light and innocent, but once you are stuck in it, or have a ton stuck to you, the weight of it becomes apparent. And uncomfortable. Overwhelming. Never ending. Suffocating, even.

This is not where one wants to build any kind of stability.

We have a choice in where we build our property.

I have chosen sand one too many times.

It has resulted in collapse. Every time.

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