Extra! Extra! Freedom!

Sunday, June 30, 2013 Posted by Joline

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I don't take many steps without first asking questions and thoroughly researching.

That goes for pretty much everything. I may seem very independent, but I am the Queen of gathering information.

Following that process, I go to someone I trust, respect, and emulate, and get THEIR wisdom on the situation.

I am never without feedback.

This may sound like I need approval, or can't make my own decisions. Perhaps my investigative reporter tendencies give the impression that I am incapable of making personal informed choices, or that I need people in order to feel significant.


Pray much?


Freedom. Handed to us freely. We simply need to drop our anvil of pride and sit at the feet of One who gives it, interviewing the Source about EVERYTHING.  We take on soooo much more than we need to, don't we? Vanity and pride, be gone. I'm checking in with my Master Editor on this story. And that one. And the one after that.

THAT is freedom.

(From myself.)

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