Spring to Summer: How Quickly We Forget

Sunday, May 12, 2013 Posted by Joline

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Spring, ahhhhh.

Rebirth from the cold, harsh, dead of winter. (Well, as of this writing, from my office in western PA, I am STILL wearing leggings and ski socks . . . but let's try and suspend reality for the purpose of this post.) Spring, ahhhh.

Flowers, warmer temps, farmer's market, green, baby animals, enjoying the front porch, and/or back. Just to be outside after months of gray skies, freezing temps, and dreary weather.

And then Summer comes. And according to my not-so-scientific study based upon FB posts, most start complaining about the weather again.

"It's too hot."
"When will summer end?"
"I could sure use winter right about now." (that one REALLY infuriates me)
"Why does summer have to be so long?"

Perhaps I'm having to dig deep for a point here, but this type of monologue just wreaks of discontentment. All seasons both literally and figuratively have purpose. Spring - for rebirth, Summer - this could be a doozy . . . perhaps the hot rays serve to shed some harsh light on a area of life that needs to be exposed and, frankly, burned. Or, the flip side of Summer - perhaps it is a time of rest and vacation before the Fall begins. Sure there are "negatives" to all seasons . . . but God has fashioned a purpose for YOU and ME through all of them. And thus, seasons are a good thing.

Even summer. Which, next to winter, gets really bad press.

I can hear God saying, "Why must you complain about Summer? I just gave you Spring. Do you not trust that I give GOOD things? What is it that I am showing you through these summer month? Before you dismiss them, stop complaining and listen to what I am trying to tell or show you."

Case in point. I am not a fan of Pittsburgh winters . . . but I learned a ton during this last one (you'll have to wait for that post . . .)

God created the environmental seasons and your personal "seasons". That includes Summer. Find Him in those Summer months, rather than wasting those months wishing for something cooler.

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