Spring Thinking?

Sunday, May 05, 2013 Posted by Joline

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I don't know a single person who doesn't like spring.

Unless you count allergy sufferers.

But, really, especially here in Western PA where winter lasts for months - a winter that comes with gray and dismal skies that is, Spring is a welcomed house-guest. As is the sunlight that accompanies it.

While not formally diagnosed, I'm pretty sure I suffer from S.A.D. - Seasonal Affective Disorder. I never had it while living in Chicago - also known for long winters, albeit with sunnier skies. But for two years now, mid-January hits and down I go.

So when I read Ecclesiastes 3, you know, the one the song was based on . . . "In everything turn, turn, turn . . .", I wonder . . . is the winter season SUPPOSED to be cold emotionally, physically, AND mentally, so that Spring can launch new life? Was this part of His set-up for us? To experience all seasons of life throughout the circle of the year? Should the seasons parallel our mood?

For if that was His plan, he did beautifully, for I do indeed feel as if I'm coming out of hibernation and into a new and glorious light.

The trick however, is that no matter how "winterized" my body may be feeling, I want to strive for Spring Thinking in terms of my relationship with God while in the midst of the gray periods of life. No, that doesn't mean I won't sometimes doubt Him, or want to yell, or complain about how He's handling my life - (just being honest) - but it does mean that I have a FIRM GRASP and BELIEF that He himself broke through winter and BECAME "Spring" on my behalf when He conquered sin and death.

And no matter how I am feeling, Spring is eternal.

And if Spring is eternal, it lives in me year-round. It never falls off like leaves from the trees or takes a winter slumber, or is scorched by the heat of the day. It's alive. Always.

Take THAT, S.A.D!

Remember to think Spring. All. Year. Long.

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