Love Encounters

Friday, April 05, 2013 Posted by Sara

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Several years ago, I set aside a special time of daily worship for 40 days.  What transpired was a sweet season with the Lord of discovering how to weave worship into my everyday life.  Sometimes I'd pull out my guitar and sing.  Sometimes I'd just sit and be.  But one day I ventured off to an old parking lot at a local park in my little town.  As I left my house, I noticed the clouds overhead growing darker and the imminent taste of rain in the air.  I prayed a simple prayer that God would hold off the rain until after my time of worship, as I would be outside.

I don't remember much about that day, to be honest - except one very special moment.  I had been walking around the parking lot just praying - silently at first, then out loud.  Eventually, as the park was empty, I gathered enough courage to begin singing out loud to God - and dancing.  I kept my eyes peeled on the sky, watching the darker clouds move in.  I continued to worship, though I felt sure the weather would cut my time short.

But as the clouds rolled in, I saw the most peculiar aero-artistry.  The dark clouds gathered everywhere around me, except directly above me.  In fact, there was almost a perfect circle directly overhead where the blue skies shone and the sun beamed down.  It was like heaven put a spot light on me.  The rain began to fall all around, except the place where I was worshipping.  I remember looking up into the sky  with tears streaming down my face in awe of a God who would part the skies to keep me dry, as the rain fell all around.  As I finished my time, I hopped into my car, and at that moment, the clouds moved in and the rain fell on my worship space. 

He is mighty and He is personal and I have yet to understand His love.

"...and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge..." Ephesians 3:19

I just don't get it.  I can not comprehend the greatness of His love, just like the way He showed up for me that rainy day.  My journal from that day reads:

Rainy day. Supposed to be outside, so I prayed for no rain in the place I was called to go. Prayer answered. I watched the storm move around me while overhead the sun beamed down so hard the heat hurt. His face shines upon us. Desperate cries. The promises of Hosea…wine and oil overflowing…repaying the years the locust stole. Give me a heart for the lost, Jesus. Give me Your heart. Spirit’s song. Wind blows. Faint sounds of the chorus of heaven. Tears and adoration. God is unraveling me in my brokeness, and holding before my face, His goodness. Two white birds fly by to end my time. Load up the car. Begin to drive. Rain falls.

Jesus, would you open our eyes to the big and small ways you love on us everyday, and would you teach us how to love you well.

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