A Woman of Few Words (haha - stop laughing)

Sunday, April 07, 2013 Posted by Joline

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I recently devoured Anne LaMott's new book, Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers. And regardless of whatever you think of Anne, her words resonated GREATLY with me.

See, I'm not typically a person of little words. In fact, more often than not, I talk to much. Especially in the area of explaining myself. As a person who is a bit OCD about clarity and communication, I fall into the trap of wanting to carefully explain situations in detail - especially in times of conflict.

And, interestingly enough, I used to be that way with God. Explain, explain, explain.

Well, guess what. The explaining-game has finally worn me out.

Anne's book met me where I am right NOW. In this season. During this particular time in my life.

My once flowery and wordy monologues are now brief utterances. They are guttural. To the point. Often I have nothing else to say - or the energy and power to say it. In fact, lately, I've been rendered almost speechless in my prayers. I'm a "one-word" pray-er.

Personally, I think God is trying to teach me something.

That lesson? Shhhhhhhhh. Listen.

I remember one of my favorite bible teachers shared a similar premise to Anne's in one of his lessons years ago. "The best prayer you can utter is the word, 'Help'."

I didn't believe him.

I do now.

Sometimes, less is more.

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