Religious Communion

Monday, February 18, 2013 Posted by Unknown

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We took communion at home as a family last week. No hymns, no pastor, no white tablecloth.

The kids were too funny as they pointed out all of the things we were saying and doing incorrectly. They've seen how communion is SUPPOSED to be done and we were missing the mark.

They were unmoved by our attempts to explain that our methods and materials did not matter. As with any religious exercise, it's our faith and our heart that touch Jesus, not our traditions or procedures.

And yes, we believe that He honored our sacrament, and those Ritz crackers and grape juice became holy in His sight. I'd venture to say that it was as intimate a communion as I've ever experienced. In my home. At my kitchen table. With my sweet family. Remembering what He's done for me.

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