Eternal Home

Sunday, November 11, 2012 Posted by Joline

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I get to write the first post every week here at Daily Fast Fuel. So as we take this week to discuss eternity, and what we absolutely know for certain about Heaven, I do declare, that I get the easy post!

I don't question eternity. Ever.

I do not base my belief that Earth is not our eternal home on the books that children or even adults have written about seeing Heaven and returning from that visit. That's not meant to be a critique or to slight their experience. Only, my personal faith is not necessarily fortified through the words/experiences of others. If I am to live and breathe my own personal faith, I must know what the actual Bible says about eternity. For truly, it holds the ONLY sure-fire evidence about this place we will eventually call home.

And yes - we will call it home.

The Bible is quite clear that Heaven exists and that a place will be made for us. Christ promises us eternal life. This land on which we currently walk is foreign soil. And while a few have apparently SEEN Heaven, and then returned to us to report about it, truth is, that the one truth we actually know, is that it exists and that by knowing Christ intimately, we will call Heaven our home someday.

I do not need convincing. Unlike the mystery of what exactly Heaven will be like, the fact that there is one, as shared in the Bible, does my soul good.

See you there?

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