Love Journey: Over the Moon

Sunday, October 14, 2012 Posted by Joline

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They burst into our dorm all sweaty and obnoxious. And male. Push ups and grunts ensued as they ran like gorillas up and down the hallway. And then, just like that, they were outside again. In our courtyard. They turned their backs. Going for the pants. Oh, God. No. Don't!

They did.

The entire freshman squad of the Ohio University wrestling team mooned our dorm.

2 years later, while on a date with George, it dawned on me.

"Wait! You wrestled as a freshman?"
"Ever run through Washington Hall with the team?"
"Yeah. The upper class-men on the team made us do "fun runs". We ran through the girl's dorms and then-" Light-bulb moment. Red cheeks . . . hardy har har.
"Mooned them?"
"Um, yeah?"
"I lived in Washington."

My future husband, ladies and gentlemen.

Our story is one of friendship, turned into "Woah, I dig her more than just a friend" (on his end) and "Shoot, I don't dig him in THAT way." (on my end). Only, God changed my mind. It was the first time I'd ever heard God talk audibly to me. "Go" was all God said when I was debating having lunch with George and his parents who were visiting for the day (mainly because I wanted a real lunch, rather than caf-faire.) God had other plans. That delicious Reuben sandwich was only the beginning. God said "Go". I got lunch. And a husband.

Sure, it's more in depth than this. But we are Daily FAST Fuel . . . gotta make it quick. My point?????


God's voice isn't loud. But I heard him loud and clear that day. We just celebrated 21 years of marriage. George wasn't anything like the person I had dreamed up for myself.

God knew better.

He was right.

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