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Sunday, July 22, 2012 Posted by Joline

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I've been reading The Attentive Life: Discerning God's Presence in All Things with a few friends this summer.

Can you say, "conviction"?

As someone who works from home, it is often difficult for me to close up. Completely. Sure, I can turn off the computer, ignore calls, texts, FB msg's, and emails, but it's my brain that I find difficult to "clock out."

As was reading Chapter 6 of this nifty book, I was struck by the term, "thinkoholism". (Don't think too hard on this - the author made it up . . .). I realized quickly, that I have it.

Hello, my name is Joline. I am a thinkoholic.

I'm akin to Martha, (Luke 10: 38-42), who rather than sitting at the feet of Jesus, was anxious and distracted by the details that would make His visit to her home a great one. And, while her intentions were good, they may not have been the BEST. She did nothing inherently wrong . . . she was merely hyper-focused on details that weren't quite as important as simply BEING with Jesus.

I do that everyday.

My family deserves my undivided attention.

And I think, after tonight's great discussion with some awesome ladies, I have determined some changes I can make to insure that when I leave the "office", my brain goes along with. I do not wish to give partial attention to my family when BEING with them - when in the same room.

I am reminded to BE where I am while I am there.

The work will wait.

Sorry, we're closed. Come again!

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