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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 Posted by Katie

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If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “You don’t have to attend church to be a Christian” I could pay cold hard cash for my kids’ college educations. I could send them to grad school too just for adding 50 cents for every time I heard my other favorite, “Being in church no more makes you a Christian than being in a garage makes you a car.” Now, I’m not one to turn away from a quality education, but in the words of my favorite comedian, Bill Cosby, I have this to say in response to such silly theologies, “Come ON, people!”

I think that the reason people use such throw-away commentary is that they are often afraid to give the Church a chance. Let’s face it, the idea of getting to know Jesus all on your own, without the complication and interruption of other sinners, seems like an easier row to hoe. Perhaps, it is. But without a Community “college”, you are turning away from a quality education. And, guess what? A quality education is expensive.

Committing to a faith community will cost you dearly in patience, sacrifice, humility, and self-control. But, in return for your hefty tuition, you will be given unlimited credit hours to explore gratitude, forgiveness, grace, and love in the Kingdom of God!

So come on, people. Let us stop spouting silly theologies from the safety of our homes. Now is not the time to drop out. A new semester is beginning.

It is time to enroll!

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