Want Courage? BE Courageous.

Sunday, January 22, 2012 Posted by Joline

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"Sometimes, as she has well learned in life, one's actions must precede the emotions one hopes to feel." Secret Daughter: The Novel

Remember Abram?

God told him to leave his country for a land that God would show him. Not, DID show him prior to the big trip, but rather, WOULD show him.

No mapquest with point by point directions, or a GPS. Forget the itinerary - not to mention a map. No tools to guide him. Unless you count the LORD.

(But, I don't consider God a "tool".)

Now, THAT took courage - for Abram to lead his people and his father's household to Who Knows Where.

The opening quote just seemed to come to mind as I read Genesis 12:1-4 today. After all, do you think that maybe Abram harbored some fear about this trip? Trepidation? Confusion? Perhaps a lack of confidence in his ability to come through on this enormous task - the details of which he was given . . . none?

All God told him was that He would indeed make Abram a great nation. Abram's name would be great.
He would be a blessing. Even though, I'd venture to say, that Abram certainly didn't FEEL like a blessing. More like a very unprepared travel agent or tour-guide.

Funny, many times we ask God to BLESS US when we are feeling less than courageous. Seldom do we take the risk, accept the challenge (remember last week), and take that leap unless we feel 100% secure of of our course before we jump.

And thus, we don't. Jump. And perhaps miss an opportunity to BE A BLESSING to someone else.

Do you think Abram FELT like going? And risking everything for the unknown?

I don't. But in the big picture - it wasn't all about him, was it? Want to grow courage? Be courageous.

Be a blessing.

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