Through a Child's Eyes

Monday, November 14, 2011 Posted by Angie

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Everything Looks Bigger

On my 5th birthday, I ran next door to my grandmother’s house because I had got the call saying “come get your birthday present”. I could hardly contain my excitement as I tore through the woods, down the well traveled path to her doorstep. I threw open the door and rushed in to see her holding a HUGE bag with a bow. I quickly opened it to find the biggest Teddy Bear I’d ever seen in my life. It was almost as big as I was, and it took both arms to carry it. It was instantly my favorite toy and most prized possession. I remember sleeping with this giant stuffed animal I so appropriately named “Teddy” and I thought that nothing could get me ‘cause I was safely nestled up beside this bear.

I could never bring myself to get rid of the stuffed toy and I thought maybe one day my kids would want to play with it. However, I had two boys, and they have NO interest in the Teddy Bear!

We were cleaning out our closets the other day for an upcoming yard sale. I found Teddy in my youngest son’s room. I pulled him out to get a better look and was amazed at how small he seemed. I couldn't believe what seemed like such an enormous toy was just barely above average. I realize I was much smaller then, but it really was proof of how BIG my imagination was as a kid.

Then again, everything seems BIGGER through the eyes of a child! As a kid, you may think your problems are big, but your parents are bigger. They can do the impossible. Your dreams are HUGE, you haven’t even contemplated that you might not be the next big singer, movie star, or famous athlete. Most importantly, with child-like faith, you don’t put any limitations on what God can do! Children hear the Scriptures and automatically believe.

 So isn't it sad that often as we get bigger, our dreams get smaller, our expectations become little while our problems become gigantic. One thing we must do…we have to keep our child-like faith in what the Scripture says in Luke 1:37 “NOTHING is impossible with God” – One way to do this is to keep reminding ourselves of this truth….We serve a very, very, VERY BIG God!

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