Whose Fight?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Posted by Joline

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Psalm 34.

One of my favorite Psalms. Read it. Go ahead. I'll wait.

(whistling show tunes)


Ok, so let me ask. 

Who's in the ring on our behalf? Do you have faith in His ability? Or, are you of the belief that He needs your fancy footwork?

Often, we take on battles that  1) God has already won or promised to win, and 2) Aren't our fights in the first place. We may have that fancy footwork, but only God takes the title.

Am I saying that we shouldn't stand up FOR and WITH God? No. And . . . kind of.

Ultimately, God does not NEED us to step in for Him. He does not NEED us to defend Him. (GASP!) He won't decrease if we cease to share about Him. But does this give us licence to remain silent?

Of course not. 

We are called to be His love, to be His hands and feet here on Earth. Ones personal testimony is a powerful picture to share with those who don't know Him. Sometimes though, we forget and resort to using our words, and our hands, and our feet to fight. And debate. And argue. Until somehow, we ignore that God is still in the ring, only now we are finishing the round. Rather than Him.

Psalm 34.

Reread it again. Really. It's OK. I've got time.

Let me encourage you. Release your fear of all that is swirling around in this earthly air, because according to scripture, God's got it handled. Just do what you are created to do.

Take off the gloves. Climb out the ring. Let God take this one.

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