Lepers, the Blind, Deaf, and Lame, Oh My!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Posted by Joline

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Jesus sure did a lot of healing.

My title is sorely lacking as a thorough description of everyone Jesus has healed. Scripture can't even cover them all.

And I'm certain that you, dear reader, also have stories of your own.

What I find most beautiful is that many who were healed by Christ's words and touch, experienced the miracle during a first-time encounter with Him.

It challenges me to think about my first response to those who show obvious signs of pain and suffering. Would I sit and share a drink of water? Stay at their house? Touch them? Is my initial response one of, "How can I help?" Sometimes. But, if we were to take an honest look deep within ourselves, I think we'd admit that we tend to be choosy as to whom we extend our hand. 

And there are others. How about those who are crumbling under the pain of invisible internal injuries: those who feel the pressure of being out of work, have home repairs they can not afford, are dealing with the fall-out from adultery/broken marriages, have fought or are currently battling addiction, have fled dangerous relationships, are struggling with their sexuality, or wrestle with mental illness? Just to name a few.

I can not heal, but I can play a role in leading them down the road to the Healer. Do I? How?

Once again, taking my cue from Jesus: FIRST, do no harm.

They will know we are Christians . .

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