Who’s Your Super Daddy?

Sunday, September 11, 2011 Posted by Unknown

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superhero boys by anitra elmoreI love these superhero boys. They are a picture of fearlessness and you know you're safe from all imaginary bad guys when they're on the job.

The one on the left is my warrior-boy, Donovan. He's able to leap tall ottomans in a single bound and there is no weapon he can't forge from a stick, cardboard, random trash and duct tape. He is a superhero. He may not be the same superhero everyday (today he's Captain America), but he, like his three wonder-friends, genuinely believes he is super.

I have a hunch they believe that about themselves because they have super dads who have taught them to believe it while modeling super-ness in their own lives.  They're regular Joes—a salesman, a VP, a pastor, and a product engineer, but they display their super powers by living holy lives, nurturing their families and setting godly examples for these little ones to follow. They have super-human fathering abilities and thankfully, they need neither cape nor tights to accomplish their superhero duties. I have no doubt their sons will grow up to be Jesus empowered super dads themselves and I’ve been so blessed by watching them do what they do.

Through those dads (especially the one I call “Babe”), the Lord has shown me the power of having a father who models his life after The Father of Life. I see in them a love for their children that mirrors the Father's heart and they remind me how desperately God wants to be Our Super Dad. He longs to love us with His uncommon love that empowers us to live super lives. Open yourselves to receive that, and if you’re one of the aforementioned dads, I assume you know how to find me so I’ll expect my check sometime this week.

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