Permission Granted: Dream at Will

Thursday, June 30, 2011 Posted by Sara

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Last fall I had the privilege of participating in a Sunday School class at my church.  The whole premise of the class was dreaming with God – our first challenge?  Spend some time with the Lord and write down 100 dreams.  (Confession: I haven’t gotten to 100 yet, but I will!).  I remember so fondly the second week we met, where our teachers asked the class if anyone wanted to share some of their dreams. 

 An older gentleman raised his hand and began to share something I will never forget.  His dream?  He wanted to start a pomegranate farm.  

When one of the teachers began to ask him questions about this dream he shared about a dear friend who had passed away and how the loss had really impacted him with the reality of how short life is and the need for people to know Jesus.  He wanted to start a pomegranate farm because farming was a gift of his, pomegranates (he had researched) were profitable, and because it would put him into relationship with buyers, drivers, and workers with whom he could share the love of Jesus.  I had to dry my tears. I was struck by how unique our dreams are and how beautiful they are to the Lord.

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” (Phil 2:12,13)

He has given you dreams.  Dreams, that believe it or not, please Him. Some of our dreams are simply inspiring – like ending human trafficking or discipling an entire nation.  Others, we may think, are second rate or even selfish, like owning that dream car or passing our driver’s test.  It is not what the dream is that matters so much, God can use anything to serve His purposes, rather it is the process of dreaming that draws us closer to Him and reflects His character to those around us. Dreaming is about relationship. 

And if you haven’t gotten it yet, let me release you now - you have PERMISSION to dream wildly with Jesus, to fall more in love with Him, and bring the world along on your journey of abundant life. You never know how your dreams, might release others to dream!

From glory to glory.  Dream on!
Super Size this devo: There truly is so much more to think about concerning this topic, so I wanted to leave you a few resources for your perusal.
Two highly recommended reads :
Dream Culture by Andy and Janine Mason (website:
Dreaming with God by Bill Johnson
Check out these facebook groups for testimonies and encouragement from other dreaming brothers and sisters: "Bethel Church DreamCulture", "Dream Culture"

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