Full Life Ahead

Monday, April 14, 2014 Posted by Sara

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They expected him to rise to power.

Kick Caesar out.  Everyone would turn and bow to Jesus - the miracle man.  Surely he was the Messiah. Peter believed it. Perhaps he and the other disciples were anticipating watching the greatest takeover in history.

The palm branches were just a start, the disciples may have mused.  They were fitting because Jesus was a King for the people.  But likely someday he would have an army and a palace.  
Everyone would turn and bow to Jesus - the powerful man.

The green parade of branches spoke of victory and new life.
But the King walked himself right to the cross.  And died.

I don't think I could quite grasp the shock of these events witnessed by the disciples - who truly knew the cultural and political atmospheres at the time. To have put so much hope in a man - in a God, and then watch Him die. 

I find in my own life allusions to this kingdom pattern - sometimes things die in order to bring life.
Sometimes it's dreams, or mindsets, or hopelessness, or personal efforts.  At first, I sometimes expect God to come in and save the day, when sometimes His saving the day first looks like me letting go, letting things be nailed to the cross.  Then watching what he resurrects in my life.  

The unfulfilled expectations we bring to the cross 

are superseded at the empty tomb.  It's here that TRUTH is brought into focus.

And it's better than we could've ever imagined.

What do you want to lay down this time? 
Fullness of life is your inheritance.

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