When Travel Is Delayed

Saturday, February 01, 2014 Posted by Debbie Legg

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It was only last week that thousands of people were stranded/delayed in airports, on roadways, and in buildings due to a large snowstorm hitting the southeastern United States. We all heard stories, and if we weren’t hearing them, we were telling them.

The stories I heard range from teachers comforting sleepy students to commuters being trapped on interstates to photographing portraits to repay the kindness of grocery store employees. Most of the stories are about what people did while they were waiting.

What do we do when the travel plans of our lives are delayed? We have the green light to pursue our dreams and yet our wheels keep spinning. How do we handle not knowing when or how or why? How can we BETTER handle when and how and why?

I have a feeling my sisters and I here at Daily Fast Fuel will be serving up some godly insights…after we are done waiting on God to give them to us…check in each day this week and find out!

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