Heavenly Harvest

Wednesday, October 09, 2013 Posted by Anonymous

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           Three words come to mind when I hear the theme harvest: reaping, shedding, and cuddling. We reap from diligent planting in spring; we shed our burdens and worries in order to maintain emotional health, and we hibernate by curling up in God’s lap as He reveals the secrets of His word to us.
            Such is the story of God’s promise through the rainbow He displayed following the flood. After the ark landed on dry land, Noah worshipped God. Genesis 8:21 tells us God’s response. “I’ll never again curse the ground.”
            But tucked away in verse 22, I discovered the gem of God’s poetic heart.
            “While the earth remains
            “Seedtime and harvest
            “And cold and heat
            “. . . Winter and summer
            “. . . Day and night
            “Shall not cease.”  
            Regardless of our inadequacies, short-comings, or failures, Papa God continues to “harvest” our lives into His unceasing song of love and perfection like no Daddy can do. This fall, purpose to find your harvest time—enabling God to cultivate, unleash, and engulf you with fresh promises that “shall not cease.” 

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