Harvesting Hearts: That Old Theatre Saying

Thursday, October 24, 2013 Posted by Debbie Legg

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It’s not Break a Leg. (Or even a Legg.  HA!)

It’s not KISS--Keep It Simple, Stupid. (Although that is wise advice.)

It’s Show, Don’t Tell.

A visual image is very powerful, and many times more believable than words.  Don’t have your character say, “You are driving me crazy!”  Have your character point and shake her finger while scrunching up her face.  

It’s also a good principle for interacting with people: Don’t Tell Them About God, Show Them God.

Notice, it’s not Show Them What We Do for God, or even Show Them How We Love Our Neighbor.  

Show.  Them.  God.

What our world often witnesses today is a devoted, committed Christian or church serving God.  But they are not seeing God.  They don’t see anything happening that can be explained only in terms of God’s activity.  Why?  Because we are not attempting anything that only God can do.

Our world is not being attracted to the Christ we serve because they are not seeing Him at work in our lives.  They see us doing good things for God and comment, “That’s nice, but it’s not my thing.”  The world is passing us by because they do not want to get involved in what they see in our lives.  We are not giving them opportunities to encounter God.  They are seeing only us.  Let the world watch God at work, and He will attract people to Himself.  Let Christ be lifted up, not in words but in life.  Let people see the difference the living Christ makes in a life, a family, or a church; that will affect how they respond to the gospel.  When the world sees things happening through God’s people that cannot be explained except that God Himself has done them, the world will be drawn to such a God.*

Father, show us how to show You to them.  Give us the faith, perseverance, and love to join You in the God-sized things You will use to change the world.

*Henry & Richard Blackaby, Claude King, Experiencing God,143-144

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