Harvest: Words and Weeds

Wednesday, October 09, 2013 Posted by Katie

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I am a very busy person. Aren’t we all? I work a 9/80 schedule, which means I work 80 hours in 9 days so that I can have every other Monday off with my kiddos. Tough, but totally worth it.

I also run a business in my “spare time” to help put my husband through school.

I have two small children, 5 and 3.

So, as far as priorities go, my days look like this:

Pretty simple. Pretty packed.

Somewhere in the week, I make time for my husband, prepare healthy meals, and workout. By CHOICE, I do not have a lot of down time. I must choose every moment wisely.

And when choosing how to spend my time, I am learning to harvest what is fruitful, and pass by what is not.

What that means is, as I surf on Facebook (which, thanks to my business, I do a LOT), or read the news, or watch TV…I could look at any number of funny videos, shocking stories, read up on political brouhaha’s, or just do some fun research for myself. I could lose hours in these places. OR, I could take a moment to assess what that time spent will be harvesting. Many times, I end up putting activities such as these in the category of “weeds”. Whether weeds are flowering and lovely or not, they may add very little to my day, or worse, detract from it. So if I don’t have time for those things? I PASS.

Then there is the time I spend with the Word. Always fruitful. Always worthy of Harvesting. Always living and breathing life into my soul. The harvest of the Word is always worth my time. Never a wasted moment.

The Word of God feels like my life in some ways…pretty simple, pretty packed.

Harvest...make time for it. Focus on what you’re picking up, and leave the weeds behind.

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