For the Pure Joy of It

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Posted by Lisa

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One of my favorite things is to watch the joy on my children’s faces. This weekend we went to a local farm and explored their corn maze. It took us about thirty-five minutes to finish running through the 10 foot tall corn stalks and its twists and turns and check in stations. The excitement of our little adventure burned a smile onto the faces of my kids and into the memories of my heart.

Afterwards, I spent a good hour watching my son and daughter investigate the various slides, tunnels and other activities well known during the fall season.  Every time they turned my direction, their enthusiasm was palpable and had grins to match. The ride home was pleasant with non-stop conversations about what they enjoyed the most. Even though I had been with them the entire outing, neither child let up and continued to share their mini adventure as if I were hearing it for the first time.  Yet still, they could not wait to get home to start all over again and tell their dad.

Have you ever been with a child who is practically tripping over himself or herself in excitement to tell you something they've experienced?  By the time they are finished you may feel as if you've walked through the same place, smelled the same smells, seen the same sights, heard the same sounds, and you have certainly felt their joy. You and I both know what happens next…as grown adults we end up sharing with others some of the incredible stories told!

I suppose that’s why Jesus tells us to have childlike humility (Mt 18:3) when it comes to kingdom purposes. As Christians, sometimes we forget simplicity and think in order to share the Good News we have to be intellectual and fact driven.  Christ asks us to be real and honest and not worry so much about what other people might think. He wants us to feel free to squeal with delight at the opportunity to sow seeds of joy, over and over.

Let’s imagine Daddy God watching His children’s faces light up! 

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