Blown Away

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 Posted by Unknown

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Sometimes, my mind is like a busy city street. There are horns blaring, tires screeching, a drunk guy yelling obscenities on the corner. It smells like a combination of hot dogs, exhaust fumes and what in the world is that smell? In short, my mind is loud, busy and chaotic (and kind of stinky for some reason), and there's nothing productive happening in a mind like that.

I see those moments as an invitation--an invitation to invest some time with the Father and invite Him to invade my chaos. It's an invitation to worship, to pray, to sit and to wait for the Spirit of God to move. And, when He does, it's as if He blows it all away in just one breath and as I breathe in His presence, things radically change.

It blows me away.

I'm blown away by His ability to blow through my junk and His willingness to do it time and time again. Have you experienced the power of His wind? I invite you to surrender to it and join me in being blown away.

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