How He Healed His Broken Heart

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 Posted by Katie

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Often times when we talk of giving and receiving, we think of what WE are giving and what WE will receive. We go on mission trips, and we always come back with the wisdom that we received more than we brought to the folks we served. When we serve at soup kitchens, same story. Visiting shut-ins? Same. Praying with folks at the hospital? Same. Over and over again, if we are brave enough, we play out this same beautiful story time and again.

In my ponderings this week, I find myself inspired that our beautiful stories of giving are there for one, and only one, beautiful reason.

Because Jesus gave first.

When we struggle or are in need in some way, our default move is to get something for ourselves to take away the pain. Sometimes it is a challenge, but we learn slowly that often the answer is to give, to serve, and somehow, mysteriously, that service, that giving of oneself is a balm on our hurt.

Jesus felt some hurt. He knows what that's about. He knows what it's like to be rejected, to be unloved, to bear false accusations. And I don't just mean when he was betrayed by Judas, or mocked by Roman soldiers. I mean that Jesus has felt hurt ever since humanity fell away from Him.

Perhaps, if we were in his position, our instinct would be to demand that our people, whom we created, GIVE us what we deserve...respect, love, honor, and loyalty. Jesus could have demanded that. Jesus could have demanded that we step up and heal His hurt.

But he didn't.

Jesus, instead chose to give.

Jesus was brave enough to give up His life, in order that He might receive ours. Jesus' very costly service, his gift, his ultimate sacrifice, gave him a balm for His own hurt. His children, if they chose to be so, could be fully restored to Him.

Love drove the giving that led to the receiving.

And, praise be to God, the miracle continues today!


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