Give Towards, Part Two

Sunday, June 16, 2013 Posted by Joline

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This post may sound oddly familiar.

But due to our topic of the week, I'm being given a chance to expound on it a bit more.

Service: just as we all play a unique part in the body, we also serve in unique ways. You won't find me in the nursery. You won't find me on short term mission trips - at least, not right now. God can do whatever he would like and call me along with Him. But, for the purpose of this post - my feet are planted right here.

I serve as a connector.

A what?

I like to ensure that people feel connected and find a place to serve in the church. Or the community. Or, say someone mentions they are in need of something (an actual item, or assistance of some kind), I like to find a way to fulfill that. I'll sniff it out.

When my husband was in seminary, it was known about campus that I was a whiz at finding people apartments. And jobs. Honestly, I just listened and noted needs. And then listened some more to those who had . . . apartments to rent. And jobs to fill. I don't think what I did was that remarkable, but, apparently, it calmed the anxiety of many of a student.

Immediate needs are my hot button. I'm wired like that.

I pray for the ability to give freely and without hesitation or reservation. Both words seem fitting.

It's my whole philosophy of "giving towards", rather than "giving away." For really, the items I have aren't really mine to begin with, but rather a blessing, right? So, if I have the chance to give towards the needs of others, I want to do so. I like to find solutions to conundrums.

That's my service - giving towards. And like my beagles, who drive me insane, and yet I love them anyway, I always have my nose to the ground and my ear on alert for needs that God may have provided an answer for - through me.

(Amazing that as difficult and broken we are, He still chooses to use our weak and cracked vessels to help others.)

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