The Day After the Resurrection

Sunday, March 31, 2013 Posted by Joline

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I am writing this on Easter Sunday.

Fitting. Yes?

This morning, when I woke, I got on Facebook - yes, it's one of the first things I do nowadays - chide me another time . . .

As I read all the comments, "He lives!", "Thank you, Jesus!", "He has overcome the grave!", I'll admit . . . I judged.

Judged what?

Judged whether we REALLY get it. Not that I always do myself. But this morning, I wondered, "What if we spoke of the resurrection as NOW. In the present. Daily. Continual. Not just a specific date on the calendar." And while I know that's what we believe, I also know that Monday is coming. And then what?

That's when the 2x4 came down on my head - and I realized, AGAIN, that Jesus IS risen. I AM new. And He will continue to be risen, and I will continue to be renewed, even though . . . even though, I know the truth: 

That on Monday, I will once again go back to being adulterous. The bride will stray. The day after THE event. And yet . . .

He will not.
He will wait.
He will love.
He will honor.
He will cherish.
He. Will. Remain. Faithful. 
Even when we are not.

Which, most likely, will be on Monday.

That is love. 

Deep sigh. 

Thank God. Thank YOU, God.

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