Worship with Few Words

Monday, February 25, 2013 Posted by Joline

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"I worship better than you do"

It was the caption on a t-shirt and I REALLY wanted it. In a cheeky, "get off your worship high horse" kind of way. But, as the spouse of one of the Pastors, I thought better of it, and deleted it from my online shopping cart.

I sooo wish I could have purchased and worn that shirt.

We must be so careful to keep our hearts, and, quite frankly, our eyes on God and not each other during corporate worship.

Some raise their hands. Some kneel. When asked to stand, some remain seated. Some weep. Some laugh. Some dance. Some stand still. Some are exuberant. Some retreat into themselves.  Some cheer. Some whisper.

Me? I write. Well, actually, as of late, I type with my thumbs into my Evernote app on my Kindle. Yes. I jot down words. Notes. Thoughts. Phrases that I hear God share with me during the music portions of worship, the sermon, and the entire service.

To a wandering, roving eye, it would seem as if I'm playing on my electronic device during church.

Nope. I'm writing the words that God brings to me. For during worship, this extrovert by day, tends to disappear into a personal silence.

Just me. And words.

Not deep, long, drawn out thoughts.

Sometimes, it's just a word. Or two. That I ponder for a time.

But one doesn't need many words when in worship.

At least, that's how it is for me . . .

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