Made to Worship

Thursday, February 28, 2013 Posted by Debbie Legg

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“Worship is what we were created for. This is the final end of all existence: the worship of God. God created the universe so that it would display the worth of his glory. And he created us so that we would see this glory and reflect it by knowing and loving it - with all our heart and soul and mind and strength.” John Piper 

Hmmm… Piper makes it sound like “worship” is more than telling God how great He is and how much we love Him.  It seems to far exceed the Sunday Morning Only box.  Worship, it seems, is much, much more.

We were MADE to worship.  When the world is chaotic and overwhelming, worship is our reboot.  It’s our default mode.  It’s core truth.  Worship is key to unlocking our identity. 

Worship lines us up with the truth of who God is, and therefore who we are.  When we have truth, we have answers.

Worship is an answer to, “What shall I do today?”  It’s an answer to “What will bring me closer to God?”  It’s an answer to idolatry.  It’s an answer to depression, anxiety, doubt, fear, awe, grief, reverence, pride, humility, LIFE.    

And yet, worship is deeper than a means to answers.  Worship goes to motivation, the reason for seeking the answers.  At its core, worship is motivated by love, the love for God that is a direct result of His love for us (1 John 4:19). 

The more we grow in love with Him the more we desire to worship Him.  The more we worship Him the more we grow in love with Him.  

However we “do” it--through music or words or communing with nature or dance or contemplation--worship leaves us with more than we started.  What I hope I take from worship is more of Him and less of me, so that the world will know His love.

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