Come to Communion

Thursday, February 21, 2013 Posted by Debbie Legg

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One night, almost two thousand years ago, twelve men and their beloved leader celebrated the Jewish Passover with a meal.  The leader broke bread and drank wine with his followers, instructing them to continue to do these things so they would remember him. 

This brilliant act, layered with meaning, spread from those twelve men throughout the early church.  It continued to be observed through the days of the Roman Empire, through medieval times, The Enlightenment, on to today’s modern era.

We, my brothers and sisters, are but another generation in the long line of followers who break the bread and drink the cup in remembrance of Him. 

Picture the timeline of history AD as one tremendously long banquet table.  At the head of the table sits Jesus Himself.  Nearest to Him are the Apostles and His followers.  Those they have discipled are next, and then the next generation, and on and on.  Although we are on the very opposite end, we are seated with them at this very table. 

This is Communion.  Community.  Co-union. 

This is Relationship.  Relativity.  Reunion. 

This is The Body of Christ—the bread and wine.  This is Christ’s Body—Us, His beloved followers. 
This elegant act of breaking bread and sharing wine is at once most public and most intimate, all about everyone and all about every one.  It’s a simple representation, a symbolic celebration, of the incredible height and breadth and depth of The Father’s Love, of Jesus’ Love, for us. 

The Father’s Love.

Jesus’ Love.

For US.    

Come commune.  Come to Communion. 


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