Herod the Control Freak

Thursday, January 03, 2013 Posted by Debbie Legg

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Herod was a man who did whatever it took to get and keep what he wanted.  That includes killing innocent babies and having his very own wife and sons murdered so he could remain the Roman-appointed King of Judea.

Rather than try to figure out his purpose in life, he did things his way.  Who knows what blessings God would have had for him had he not worshiped power and status, exalting himself at all costs.

I think there is probably a little Herod in all of us.

How many times have I thought, “God is taking too long to get this done.  It’s time for me to act.”  Or, “God’s holding out on me.  This thing would be good for me, for many people.  He would be glorified in this.  Why won’t He do it?”  In my own pride, selfishness, or impatience, I do it my way.

And then I remember Romans 14:23, “Whatever is not from faith is sin.”  Ouch.  Ouch.  Ouch. 

Maybe my actions aren’t as extreme as Herod’s, but the motivation is the same.  I want what I believe will make me happier, make my life better.  I don’t always like God’s timetable, or the fact that He sometimes tells me no, or that the process is going to be harder than I’d like.  I act outside of faith.  I mistrust that He has my best interests at heart.  In my “practical atheism” I say I love and trust Him but then I do my own thing.

And the more I try to order my world my way the more it falls apart, and the more I fall apart, just as Herod did.  I am not made to be King.  I am made to be Beloved.  My life works much better, is more exalted and glorious, when I let Jesus be King. 

Maybe if Herod would have bowed to the King instead of trying to be the king his story would have turned out differently.

Fortunately, there’s still time for me. 

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