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Thursday, December 20, 2012 Posted by Sara

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He’s here.  If you have ears to hear and eyes to see, you just might see Him.  You might invite Him into your home.  You might welcome Him with shouts of joy.

But you are missing Him.  He’s so close – He is with you.  He is the one you have longed for.  As you gather to be counted by a foreign king, the King of all Kings is here.  Some of you are tired – weary from this inconvenient gathering.  You are anxious to return to your routine of life and to your home.  You do not see the great privilege given to you at this moment. 

Perhaps you have forgotten how I said He would be born here – here in Bethlehem.  Perhaps you didn’t recall He would be of the house of David.  And now, I have set a stage – that a foreign king would note how I honor My word.  Or do you not remember that I foretold both of these things?

I am still counting.  I am still gathering.  I have not stopped.

Are you missing Him again, I wonder?
Are you letting Him pass by in the crowds unnoticed?

He is the one you have longed for. 
Are you anxious to return to the routine of life – or do you see the great privilege given to you at this moment? 
Would you welcome Him into your home?
Would you proclaim His presence with shouts of joy?

He is still here.  He’s so close. 
He’s with you. 

May our eyes be open and our ears be ready to acknowledge again, the gift of Christ.

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