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Thursday, December 13, 2012 Posted by Sara

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I wonder at the journey of Elizabeth’s heart over her years.  The aging, barren, housewife to a weary old priest doesn’t seem the likely heroine in the grand event of Advent.  I tend to imagine Elizabeth and Zachariah as a befuddled older couple, whiling away the days doing the tasks required of them as priest and homemaker.  I wonder, did they eat their meals together laughing at their day, or in silence, tired of the waiting? Waiting for a Messiah, waiting for a child – and barren on both accounts.

Did they celebrate Passover every year recalling the sovereignty of God, and His active hand in the lives of their ancestors?  Did they wonder where His active hand was now?

And yet, in this unassuming life, Elizabeth was called in- at the 11th hour. 

And not just called in as a spiritual nicety.  It’s not like God “put her in the game” at the last second just to make her feel part of the team.  Elizabeth was created for impact from the get go, but it was her golden years that held her greatest encounter, adventure, and influence.

She came by it honestly, mind you.  Descended from Aaron (Moses’ sidekick), it was part of the family business, you could say, to serve a Deliverer.  How exciting it must have been for Elizabeth to find herself in a supernatural story of angels, miracles, and promises fulfilled. 

Elizabeth’s life reminds me of the blessings God tucks into different seasons in life- sometimes when we least expect them.  We are never fully aware of the beauty He’s placed in the next chapter -or even how the seasons of waiting are setting us up for what God has in store.

May we filled with faithful expectation this advent, that our God has called our name to participate in the continuing story of love and redemption on earth through His son Jesus – and it’s sure to be quite a game.

Batter up.

“For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment.” Luke 1:37

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