Don't Breathe On The Baby

Monday, December 17, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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When my babies were new, I was a bit obsessive about people washing their hands before holding them and keeping their germs to themselves. I often wished I could dress the babies in t-shirts that read, "Don't breathe on the baby." I'm certain that wouldn't have gone over well, but hey, I'm sharing what's in my heart.

I bet I wasn't alone in my fears. Ask any mom and she'll likely tell you she agrees. There's nothing we want more than to protect our little ones and nothing we want less than long nights spent caring for a sick infant.

I wonder if Mary thought that way. I was concerned about taking my newborns into church--I couldn't imagine walking them through a large census crowd, passing by stranger after germ-ridden stranger. Did she also want to yell out, "don't breathe on the baby"? Or did she, perhaps, want to invite them all to allow that baby to breathe on them?

I can only guess, but I think there was a glimmer in her eye and a hope in her heart for each of the people she passed. Perhaps she invited them all to touch, to adore and to breathe in the new life her little new life would bring them. Perhaps she simply prayed that they would find, in Him, the fulfillment of their deepest hope. It's the prayer I'm praying for you this Christmas--let the baby breathe on you...

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