Banter with Bradford

Thursday, September 13, 2012 Posted by Sara

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For our avid DFF readers, you will recall that I was once a descendant of William Bradford. 

Our relational ties lasted only a few weeks, until revealed someone’s misplaced green leaf, and my connection to the man who risked life and love leading a small band of believers overseas on the Mayflower was severed.

Alas, we move on.

But, if given the chance to sit down and have a chat with someone from history, he would still be on my list. 

“Bradford,” I’d begin, “what in the world were you thinking, man?”

It still boggles my mind the courage of this small band of pioneers to get on a boat and sail to America in search of religious freedom, let alone be the man who is leading the charge, watching your friends and family fall victim to the hardship of the journey.  “What were you dreaming with God, Will? What confidence did He give you to motivate you to embark on such a journey?”

I often wonder if I would have had what it took to get on that boat. 
Sometimes I wonder if I have the courage to get on the boats God is putting before me now. 

Impossible dreams make for great adventures.
And sometimes a small group of believers can help birth a nation. 

Imagine what courage for your dreams might birth?

It was to the astonishment of many and almost to the wonder of the world, that from so small a beginning such great things should ensue, as in due time was manifested; and that there should be resting place for so many of the Lord's people here, when so sharp a scourge had come upon their own nation.  But it was the Lord's doing, and it ought to be marvellous in our eyes.”  - William Bradford, Governor of Plymouth

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