A Conversation with Young Sara

Thursday, September 27, 2012 Posted by Sara

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I remember the look on her face – the younger me - when I sat across from her sipping my latte.  She was a special blend of naive and endearing.  I won’t ever forget her eyes, so inquisitive and hopeful.  There was so much I could tell her, and though all I’d done was sip my coffee, she was already hanging on my every word. 

“What would you like to know?” I began.

Her eyes glided around the room as she tried to latch on to the answers she most wanted.

“What would you have wanted to know, if you were me?”

 “But, I am you, “ I kidded.  I placed my latte down gently and took a deep breath, “There are things you are hoping for me to say, but I can’t – things you hope to be true over the next ten years, but your journey will be full of the unexpected. I will tell you this, though, it will be better than you could hope or imagine.”

 My younger self sighed, picking up her chai.  She was intrigued, but desired specifics. 

“You don’t know now what you are being invited into.  You will begin a great journey of uncovering the richness of love found in community, how goodness and mercy delight in hunting you down, and that you can be certain that you will see the goodness of God in the land of the living.
God is about to give you a season of spiritual luxury – you will be blessed with the most valuable commodity – time.  Use it wisely in drawing near to Him, because this commodity won’t always be so plentiful.   
Value people, they are His greatest treasure.  
Linger with them, and love on them.  
Rejoice in the blessings He pours out every day.  
Sing – out loud, even when you think no one wants to hear you.  
Dance – a lot.
You don’t need to convince anyone Jesus is the way – share His Truth - and love without reservation, and His way will become obvious.
No need for a formula or a script, just ask Holy Spirit to show you how to love like Jesus, and trust me, He will not be silent in your actions or words.
Don’t hide- you’re an expression of God’s love.  
Open your mouth, God wants to fill it.
Be thankful.
Believe what He says about you.
Learn how to receive love from Him and from others.  
And make a point to be ridiculously happy as often as possible, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

By this time, my younger self had taken out her journal and was frantically writing down my advice.  She lifted her eyes as I came to a finish.

“This is good,” she replied eagerly, shaking out her hand.

I nodded, fingering my latte.

“What is it?” she noticed my belabored pause.

“I have a question.”

My younger self grinned, seemingly thankful to be able to offer something in our exchange.

“I was wondering if you could,” I took a breath and looked her straight in the eyes, “ could you remind me what it’s like to fall in love with Him for the first time?”

She tucked her pen in her journal and reached out to hold my hand as my eyes teared.

“It’s just been a while, and I think I might be starting to forget.”

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