Summer Road Trip

Thursday, May 24, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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This summer, I’m packing my bags, loading up the car and embarking on a spiritual road trip. Destination? A Better me. Possibilities? Endless.

At the end of that road, I hope to see the Lord in fresh and ridiculously awesome new ways and find myself living fuller, free-er and more like Him. Wanna go? There’s room for each of us and there’s still time to get packed. I’ve shared a printable (and pinnable!) guide for our journey. Here’s what we need to accomplish on the ROAD:

Renew. Find and focus on an area of your life in which you need renewal. This could be something spiritual or otherwise. Where do you need a fresh start, a do over or simply a bit of refreshing?

Obey. Address an area you know you have delayed in obeying the Lord. Has he put something on your heart you’ve failed to do. What’s preventing you from getting it done?

Attack. Attack one area in your life that needs real attention. It could be an area you’ve neglected, grown lazy in or just plain ignored.

Discover. Make an effort to discover something new about the Lord. Dive in, dig deeper, connect and reconnect as you deepen your walk with the Lord.

Ready for the trip? Let’s go…

spiritual summer road trip

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