Clean Inside

Sunday, April 22, 2012 Posted by Joline

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There is absolutely no way I could write on the topic of Jesus giving us so thorough a scrubbing that our lives will shine as brightly as the sun, without pulling out this video.

I was first introduced to this song by fellow writer, and former gospel choir director, Anitra, waaaay back in . . . when was it????? 1990-something.

Repeat after me.

"Won't He make you clean? Inside. Won't He make you clean? Inside." Lather, rinse, repeat.

The answer is "yes".

There is no mess we can make that He can not clean.

When we are dull, He is the polish.
When we are dirty, He is the broom.
When we are damaged, He is the repair.

Believe it or not, God already sees the gem that you are - even if covered by black soot. He will remove the soot. He will reveal to YOU how he sees you - beautiful.

You must believe this.

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