"Act" of Community

Sunday, March 18, 2012 Posted by Joline

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One of my husband's favorite verses is Acts 2:42.

They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Breaking of bread

Unfortunately, at times, our community looks a little something like this:

Too much talking, not enough listening
Mindlessly taking communion
Saying we will pray

Oh my, I sound cynical don't I?

I don't mean to, really. I guess I just wonder if we use our "bible" words to convince ourselves that we are indeed building community.

I think the best way to assess whether community is indeed a priority in one's life is to simply ask the following questions:

Am I being taught? Open to being taught? Committed to being taught? Growing from being taught?
Am I spending time with like-minded believers? Am I surrounding myself with those that sharpen me? (And do I sharpen others?)
Am I celebrating the Lord's Supper in the presence of other believers?
Am I praying? Consistently praying?

Community is a blessed gift.

As we desire to grow, we should not look this community "gift-horse" in the mouth. I myself have made sure that I am in a small group, have set up an even smaller, more intimate group of women with whom I pray once a week, AND have had the same prayer partner since 1993. All intentional.

If it was good enough for the early church, it is indeed good enough for us.

Are you a part of a strong community/small group? Or do you have a group you meet with regularly for fellowship?

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