Celebrate in the Storm

Sunday, January 08, 2012 Posted by Joline

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Can I be blunt?

Christians can be real downers. (Notice I didn't use the name Debbie in front of that, 'cause my girl Debbie here at DFF is most definitely NOT a downer.)

I realize that may have stung.

Much of my bold statement comes from actual observations/conversations with other Christians. (And sure, I'm also opinionated.) Only, my ears do seem to perk up when I hear even the hint of fear, defeat, and paranoia from the mouths of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

See, two years ago, a wise, wise woman in my life advised me to meditate on Psalm 37. What I heard God saying as I read those words was, "Shhh. This is not your fight. I've got this. I'm behind you. I am with you. And I am before you! Do you believe I've got things covered? Why so much fear?"

Listen, I'm certainly no Pollyanna, and I realize we all experience suffering to various degrees. I also know all too well what it's like to get angry and sob, moan, and weep before God (there was also some screaming.) I get it.

Psalm 37 reminds me that I must not forget that much of what/whom I fear, is not even in my ring! Here I am with gloves on and dukes raised, missing the celebration because I'm ready for a fight.

I am convinced that our ability to share our faith in God who has gone before us, securing our salvation, MUST be visible to others who desperately need to be invited to the the celebration! So, yes, be real - share that you are going through a tough time, but then for your own sake, and others, SHARE THE END OF THE STORY. The party part. The story about the Host who can not be overtaken.

Or, out-partied.

Celebrate what He has promised! 

(Especially when you don't feel like getting dressed up and dancing the night away!)

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