Baby Love

Sunday, December 04, 2011 Posted by Joline

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I want to give you permission to write yourself a love letter.

No, silly. Not to you, from you.

To you, from the Ultimate Love.


Years ago when I served as the Director of Campus Ministries at a Christian college, I found myself sharing a similar letter, a love letter from Jesus, with many of the female students with whom I had the privilege of investing one-on-one time. The majority were usually struggling with the issue of finding the perfect earthly love - and thus, I spoke often on the subject of Christ being the absolute, without fault, perfectly suited Bridegroom, for each, and everyone one of them.

So much effort and emotion was poured into finding one's "soul-mate", and "happily ever-after" love, that now, I realize, I should have taken a totally different approach.

Looking back, a line from Seinfeld could have come in handy: "You gotta see the baby!"

If you are a mother, think of the amazing surge of love that you experienced upon giving birth - a love so enormous that you weren't even aware you had the capacity to love that deeply. I recall being mesmerized that I even had it in me to love so intensely.

Well, get this.

Even as a newborn, Jesus loved you more than that. Yes. Unbelievable? Yes. He wasn't any less God at only a few hours, minutes, or seconds old.

Go ahead now. Grab a bible, and compose a love letter to yourself from God - using HIS words. Don't know where to start? I've always found Romans 8:38-39 to be a good place to start. 

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