Seeking Direction: Mountain Passes

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 Posted by Debbie Legg

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Recently we were at a worship service singing the song “Mighty To Save.”  My mind perked up and my heart sparked as we began to sing the line, “Savior!  He can move the mountains.” 

I’d always thought of the mountains as external obstacles in life, things in the way of God’s will being done.  What suddenly occurred to me was the internal component.  Mountains in front of our hearts, and especially poignant for me, mountains in front of the hearts of those I love.

There are some dear people I have been praying for fiercely.  God let me know that day that He is moving the mountains in front of their hearts.

Did you catch that?  HE is moving the mountains.  Not Me.  Not even We.  He is crumbling them, shifting their foundations, preparing my friends to know His grace, forgiveness and glory.  Fissures are forming.  Cracks will soon be crevasses.  

My course, then, is to stay out of the way and watch for falling rocks. 

I am also going to remember this quote from Ann Voskamp:  “Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle.”   I’m thanking God for the work He is doing in the lives of my friends.  I’m thanking Him for allowing me to play a part in their salvation.  I’m thanking Him that even though I don’t see the evidence at the present time, it is already accomplished in Heaven.  I’m thanking Him for the encouraging words of the song and the promises He gives us in the Bible.

And I’ve already started rejoicing in the beauty I will soon see on the other side of the mountains.  

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