My Favorite Bible "Apps" - Part 6

Thursday, August 25, 2011 Posted by Angie

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"Happy App"

My smart phone has been turned into a gaming machine to entertain my kids! Whenever we're riding in the car, at a restaurant, or basically anywhere my kids are "bored", they ask for my phone. I must admit, I've been known to play a few of the games they've downloaded. While I'm confessing, you might as well know that I'm somewhat addicted to "Angry Birds". Please don't judge me. I've always been a little childlike when it comes to fun. I guess I take after my Grandmother, and my Mom, who remained "young at heart" all throughout their lives.

I've noticed that in the Church, people are hesitant now to say the word "Happy", but instead use the word "Joy". I guess it's because we've learned over the years that while we won't always be happy, we have the joy of the Lord available to us at all times, despite our circumstances.

However, I'm going to call this next Biblical App, the "Happy App" because I do feel like there are times in life, when God wants us to be happy.

Our Heavenly Father created things for us to enjoy. He never intended everything to be heavy and hard all the time. He wants us to have a satisfying, abundant, full life. (John 10:10) God could have just made day and night...He didn't have to make a beautiful sunrise and sunset, with the sky exploding with color. When I look at makes me happy. While I don't believe in the "pursuit of happiness" (no offense to our forefathers), I do believe that if we pursue God, and keep our eyes open, we'll find all kinds of things that make us happy.

So go ahead and do that hobby (for me is writing and painting), read that good fiction book just for fun, play a sport of your choice, act like a kid with your kids. Enjoy life, and let the world see you having good, clean fun!

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